Karen’s Bio

karen-bio-picKaren has over twenty-seven years of experience working in television and film. She spent ten years as Head of the Talent Department for DeLaurentiis Productions, where she was responsible for providing talent for major independent and studio films, managing international projects, and developing projects for the independent market. Throughout her extensive career she has worked with Hollywood A-listers such as Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dennis Hopper, Michael Mann, David Lynch, Stephen King, Sam Raimi, James Marsden, Giovanni Ribisi, James Brolin, Jon Voight, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Val Kilmer among others.

In 2004, she opened her own production company, producing over twenty projects for Time Warner, Showtime and Warner Bros, along with multiple independent films. Recently, Karen worked with Jim Brolin as a producer for the film “Mysterious.”  She is committed to producing the $20 million film, “Silver Cord” (, which will be directed by James Ordonez ( and distributed through Summit Entertainment.

She is a motivational speaker and author, working to inspire others through her theme, “improve your life by living your dream”. She has faced countless adversity as a cancer survivor, single mother, and veteran of the entertainment industry, She has used these experiences to help others by establishing a non-profit cancer foundation, which provides care packages to patients throughout the nation. Although she takes pleasure in her professional accomplishments, her greatest points of pride are her daughters and the efforts she lends towards encouraging others.